Before & After Hair Extensions

How To Wear

  • Step One
    Step One

    Make a parting below the ear on the back of your head. Snap open the clips on the 4” (2 clip) weft. Fix the combs on the clips onto your hair and snap shut. The silicon grip on the combs will hold on to the hair gently. Cover the weft with your hair.

  • Step Two
    Step Two

    Make another part just 1 inch above the earlier weft and fix the 6” (3 clip) weft in the same fashion.

  • Step Three
    Step Three

    Similarly add the 8” (4 clip) weft, one inch above the previous weft. Conceal the edges of the weft with your natural hair so that HAPPIE HAIR blends in.

  • Step Four
    Step Four

    Once the back is finished you may use the single clip pieces to fill in the sides. Brush your hair gently without tugging at the wefts.

Extra Tips

  • 1. Always brush you hair and the HAPPIE HAIR before attaching to make it smooth and tangle free.

    2. If you are ironing or curling HAPPIE HAIR, please do so before attaching the hair.

    3. Use a heat protective hair spray before ironing or curling HAPPIE HAIR.

    4. Always check the hair in a back mirror after clipping on to make sure it looks perfect.

    5. HAPPIE HAIR is absolutely comfortable. If you find have some tugging sensation pls unclip the weft and attach it again. It is supposed to sit flat against the scalp and is absolutely undetectable and comfortable .

    6. Please do a trial 3-4 times so that you get friendly with HAPPIE HAIR and are able to wear it like a pro.

    7. There are many good videos on Youtube on “HOW TO CLIP-ON HAIR EXTENSIONS”. You will also find different hairstyles you can try.