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How to take care of your hair extensions in the monsoons

by Vrinda

Posted on July 06, 2017

Hello Happie ladies

The monsoons are here and we have a lot on our hands. Taking care of our Clip on Hair Extensions is one important task to make sure they last a long long time.

Let me share some tips today ..

…please don’t wear them if you have to go out on a rainy windy day…you don’t want them totally tangled and messy… if it’s a must then wear a scarf or bandana over them and you are good to go.

..if the hair extensions get wet in a sudden downpour, it would be a good idea to air dry them and apply some leave-in serum before storing.

And if you haven’t used your hair extensions for a long time ( I doubt that..) then please air them for an hour or so and brush them well on a flat surface from the ends to the top with a paddle brush.

Remember the golden rule…brush on a flat surface…and always from ends to top..

If theres a product build up on the extensions, use a good sulphate free shampoo (eg Biotique, The body shop have a few good ones.) and rinse them out with cold water.

Wear you Happie Hair in style and bring out the Diva in you.