Hello Ladies

How have you all been ? As we all get used to a more socially distant “new normal” and practice the art of smizing under our face masks, now is the time to get playful with our mane.

After all, if your hair was like 80% of your selfie before, now it’s really working overtime. So, lets get creative with hair and accessories so you can be cute and sassy while wearing your face mask and looking stylishly put together. Here are some of the most easy-to-do hair looks when rocking a face mask.

1.Try a Romantic Messy Bun


The messy bun is here to stay. If anything, lockdown has made us fall in love with the messy bun over and over again. You might actually find that you are more inclined to want your hair off your face, especially if you have long hair.

This mid-length messy bun is easily imitable and pairs beautifully with a mask, creating a sense of mystery and romance. Pro beauty tip – while viewing your lips may be reserved for a select few, transfer your makeup skills into perfecting a smoky cat eye, so you still feel glam under all that fabric.

2. Match your mask and scrunchie

Matching your mask to your hair accessories a definite way to win the quarantine chic competition. Many brands are opting to design matching headbands or scrunchies to your mask. We think this is a genius idea, and we cannot get enough of the cute printed masks and scrunchies they are selling online. Grab some available or check out some cool ones on Amazon or Myntra. You are sure to feel a pep in your step when you wear them.

3. Accessorise with pearl bob pins and barrettes


How often do we feel the strain on our ears due to the bands of the mask ? Wish there was a trick?

Try this amazing style tip. Just pull out a few soft layers around the face. Take two sections of hair, twist the sides of your hair back, hook a cute barrette through the ears of your mask, then slide and snap the barrette over the twist to keep it in place. Repeat on the other side, and boom—cute hair, happy ears.

For ultimate style points, look for over sized hair clips covered in pearls, pile on the gemstone pins, and invest in jumbo-sized headbands in floral satin prints. The addition of hair accessories means you can still retain your individual sense of style while wearing a face covering.

4. The high ponytail

The classic Ariana Grande ponytail isn’t going anywhere; if anything, it is proving a resourceful hairstyle to stop masks from slipping.

First, figure out where your ponytail is going to sit and pull it back to that point before using hairspray and a bristle brush to smooth all around it. A very neat and clean no-nonsense look for those who like to keep it simple and serious.

For a laid back look, keep the ponytail loose or, if you really want to stand out, opt for a bubble braid by adding another elastic every two inches down the length of your hair.

5. Face Framers

Face framing bangs are sleek modern and classy while the face framing layers are more carefree and youthful. The hair in layers cascades down you’re the sides of your face in small sections separated by their length.

They have a nice way of framing your face giving your hair a nice and polished look, while sculpting your face and making it look chiseled.

Check out our video on face framing hair styles on www.instagram.com/happiehair_official


One last word, wearing a mask whenever we venture out is the least we can do to protect ourselves and to contain the pandemic situation. Covid-19 is here to stay for more time than we imagined so lets face it sensibly and stylishly.

Ciao… will be back with more style tips and hacks soon.

Lots of love, take good care of yourselves.




Dear ladies

Aren’t we all envious of the ladies who effortlessly seem to have long lustrous hair, while we struggle to look good with our short, lifeless rat-tails?

How do these screen divas have such great looking hair?

How do these ladies manage it? Is it just luck, or do they take some extra care of their hair?

While good genes do play a role, care of God given gifts also forms part of the reason they have such lovely braids.

Besides, they have professionals behind the scenes to help them out.

But what can YOU do to get the same look?

Today lets peek into the secrets of such stupendous hair, ways to manage hair loss and have good hair growth with some help from nature and where required alternative options.


Any stressful situation can trigger hair loss, which include  pregnancy, long standing illnesses, failed relationships, financial worries, nutritional deficiencies, certain  medications used for depression, and even chronic lack of sleep. While stress is a constant in everyone’s life, one has to find ways to counteract the side effects and remain healthy. For helping your hair counteract stress, try the following remedies :

  • Relaxation techniques (such as deep breathing, transcendental meditation, or yoga) as a way of life.
  • Exercise, which helps you burn those extra calories and throw out the toxins
  • Surround yourself with positive people — sharing and discussing does give stress relief!
  • Get professional help if required- therapy can help.
  • A personalized diet adjusted to your need and requirements will go a long way in improving your mental health , reducing stress.
  • Treat your hair well , avoiding too many chemicals
  • Hair loss from stress need not be permanent. If it persists, consult your doctor.



  • Wash your hair at regular intervals – your scalp and hair will remain free of excess oil and dirt .
  • If you use Shampoos, ensure they are chemical free.
  • Use good conditioners.
  • Let your hair dry naturally.
  • Oil Your hair, whenever possible.
  • Use of a wide toothed comb will help reduce hair fall.
  • Preferably, style your hair naturally. Keep tight ponytails and buns to the minimum.
  • Regular trimming keeps hair manageable and helps faster re-growth



Nature has given plenty of healthy options to reduce and minimise hair loss.

Egg mask

Yoghurt + honey hair mask

Methi paste

Aloe vera rinse

Amla juice wash

are some of the options available with proven efficacy to help prevent hair loss and rejuvenate growth. These have to be used judiciously and regularly to show positive effects.

DIET should include spinach ,carrots ,sweet potatoes etc. Lentils, lean meats and eggs are good source of protein while generous portion of fruits like guavas, strawberries ,walnuts…ensure that all necessary vitamins and minerals are available for healthy hair growth. Oats also provide a healthy breakfast option and a good hair rejuvenator.

While all these will help , it is really important to get checked for any medical issues which can cause hair loss.

Thyroid problems, nutritional deficiencies, poly cystic ovaries can cause hormonal imbalances leading to hair loss and need to be simultaneously addressed. Birth control pills and certain other medications are known causes for hair fall and need to be discussed with medical professionals.

They may recommend supplementary medications like vitamins and minerals along with your day-to-day care to help reduce the hair fall.

All said and done, it is a long and arduous journey to reverse the hair fall.

But what about the phase when you are doing all this but are yet to see the benefits of it all? Do you need to move around with the thinning crop of hair for months? What about the wedding you have in the family? What about the coloured strands to match your outfit? Do you need to stay non-trendy in the intervening period?

Fortunately , NO!!

We at Happie Hair are here to make sure  that you don’t need to miss out on all the fun. No need to feel depressed. Happie Hair is here with a range of clip-on human hair products to help you look good all the time.

Be it the root covers, volume enhancing toppers or stylish pony tail extensions , Happie Hair ensures that you look stylish and confident of your appearance. Being real hair clip in extensions, they blend with your natural hair perfectly and remain undetectable to everyone.

Go on ,try them.

Regain your lost confidence and become the center of attraction at work , home and functions.

Good luck!!



Hi, don’t we all love the fragrance and squeaky-clean feeling we get when our hair is freshly shampooed and dried? Then the next morning…..urgghhhh….so much oil on your strands and scalp, that chip-chip feeling…..where does it come from….feels like you dunked your head in an oil fryer. If you are one of the people who has greasy and oily scalp and hair, we totally are with you. Join the Greasy Gang.

But would you believe it if I told you that we can train our hair to BEHAVE? Teach it & train it to produce less oil. Well yes, its possible, totally do-able. So, lets get to the root of the problem…literally 😉. Greasy hair is the result of an overactive sebaceous gland, which is producing too much sebum. Although sebum benefits hair, as in keeping it healthy, shiny, smooth and moisturised, too much of a good thing can end up causing your hair to look oily and sticky. An excessively oily scalp comes with its own set of problems like dandruff and can also be a nuisance and is related to outbreaks of dandruff and itchy scalp.

So, lets get started to train our hair to produce just enough oil that’s good for us.


I know this sounds confusing. You get this urge to wash and shampoo your hair everyday if you have an oily scalp. But if you are already washing your hair once a day and it still gets greasy by the next day, it might be worth delaying your hair washes.

Shampooing everyday (even if it’s with a daily wash shampoo) can strip your scalp of its natural oils. This gives it a signal to produce more oil to rehydrate. If you tend to have dry skin or a dry, itchy scalp in addition to oily hair, slowly stretching the intervals between washes will help you balance out the sebaceous glands. Washing hair with a good clarifying shampoo once every two weeks is your best bet for deep cleaning and stripping away a build-up of scalp oil. In-between times, try to use a mild shampoo once every 2-3 days. Where possible, skip the washing altogether and instead use a dry shampoo.


When it comes to conditioner, be as miserly as possible; applying just once a week is ideal. Apply it in the middle of your length and down to your roots. Allowing it to settle on your scalp can increase the problem of an oily scalp. Also remember to use a small amount, about the size of a 50 paise coin.

PRO-TIP:  When washing your hair, start off with warm water (never HOT), so that it opens up your pores and cleanses deeply and when it’s time for the final rinse use cooler water so that your pores are closed and the moisture is locked in.


A dirty brush is a total no-no with freshly washed hair. Your brush can be full of skin flakes, dust, broken hair, oils….general junk that can transfer to your hair making it dirty immediately after washing. Soak your brushes and combs in diluted shampoo and warm water once a week and gently remove all the stuck-up dirt and grime. There is no short-cut here.


Say good bye to greasy hair and hello to fresh and well-behaved hair.

By adding vitamin B rich foods especially

B2 – tofu, milk, fish, mushrooms, spinach, almonds, avocados, and eggs.

B6 – chickpeas, tuna, potatoes, pistachios and bananas

to your diet will help moderate your sebum production.  Generally, like in all good diets the thumb rule is cutting out greasy foods and increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables, as well as drinking plenty of water every day will help your hair, skin and nails.


APPLE CIDER VINEGAR can help to restore your scalp’s pH balance and control oil production. Dilute it into a 1:8 solution with water and pour through your hair after shampoo. Leave for a few minutes and rinse.

TEA TREE OIL is infused with natural anti-fungal properties. Add a few drops to coconut oil and apply sparingly on your scalp once in a while or when you have itchy and flaky scalp problem.

ALOE VERA GEL makes for a great hair and scalp mask since it removes extra oil, fights product build-up, soothes the scalp. You’ll be left with soft, silky and lustrous hair.

SEA SALT added to your shampoo is a great way to get rid of excess oil in hair. Add around 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt to your shampoo (about 300 ml bottle) and wash as usual. After the first wash itself you will notice positive results. Your hair will feel fresher and less greasy. The recommended frequency for this natural remedy is once a month. Anything more of a good thing, and you risk doing more harm than good to your hair.


Many shampoos, conditioners, hair creams and styling products, are made with silicone to give smooth and silky hair. While adding an extra gloss on the hair, silicones – like cyclomethicone, amodimethicone and dimethicone – can build up on the hair and make it look dirty, oily and weighed down.

Silicone can also prevent beneficial moisture from penetrating the hair shaft. Do your hair a favour and avoid any products with ingredients ending in “cone.” Since our scalp is already making its own oil naturally, adding any product which promises silky, glossy hair is inviting greasiness.



Sometimes it’s easier to just not fight it. Use your natural oils to your advantage with a sleek topknot. Keeping the hair secured and firmly off the face will help you to avoid touching it and mindlessly playing with it. Open hair needs frequent brushing too which only activates the sebaceous glands further.  A topknot hairstyle will help you to postpone your hair wash by a day or two. Avoid all sticky styling products such as mousse, hairspray and wax.

Now the question is What if these oily hair remedies don’t work?

It’s probably time to visit a dermatologist. A dermatologist can determine what’s causing the greasy hair whether it’s eczema, scalp psoriasis, dandruff, or some other hormonal issue, and treat it from there with oral prescriptions or prescription shampoos.

Some well researched and reviewed products for oily hair:

St. Botanica Apple Cider Vinegar & Organic Argan Hair Shampoo. (Used it myself and found it effective)

No mineral oils, paraben and sulphates.

Vegan and cruelty free.


Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo 

Mint formulation that controls excessive scalp sebum.


Freewill Shampoo

Made to order shampoo, customised for your hair. You need to take their hair quiz and you get a special formulation for your exact hair needs and type. www.freewill.co

The main takeaway

Oily hair can lead to the makings of a bad hair day. But the good news is that there are plenty of remedies and hacks to train those greasy tresses. Try them all to hit on your sweet spot.

And one more thing …. oily hair girls generally have oily skin type too, it keeps wrinkles at bay and you look youthful much longer than your peers. Rejoice as every oily cloud has a silver lining. 😊 Promise. Take care.

Happie Hair, Happie you and me. http://www.happiehair.com



Hello everyone,

It wasn’t until a few decades ago, that hair fall used to be associated with middle age. Men and women alike facing hair fall has been known as a sign to prepare for retirement like we say in Marathi..PANNASHI….ie the onset of the fifties. And truthfully in the past generations, hair fall was not an issue until the age of 50 years, but unfortunately that’s not the case anymore!

Why, what has changed? Answer sadly lies with ourselves. WE have changed, our habits have changed, our lifestyle, our food patterns, our food quality, everything. Some may say smoking, genetics, stress it all boils down to the fact that people are aging faster and have multiple ailments due which are called lifestyle diseases. Hair fall at an early age is one of the tell-tale signs. The age at which people have started experiencing hair fall has reduced drastically, sometimes as early as 20’s.

To treat the malaise of this generation we have to go back a few thousand years to the ancient wisdom of Yoga. On the eve of World Yoga day, let me tell you YESS …. Yoga to enhance Hair Growth is possible and highly capable of treating all kinds of hair fall and scalp issues. You can practice multiple yoga poses for real results and also follow it up with diet and a healthy lifestyle. The lockdown sure has shown us that it’s possible to slow down, make intelligent choices if we need to enhance our health and mental make-up. Awareness is the first part, the difficult bit, once we are aware and identify the problems, we need to explore the solutions best suited for our modified lifestyle. There are not short-cuts here.

Let me run you through some perfect Yoga asanas which will help stop hair loss and also induce some growth that has been suppressed. A good yoga teacher or a video of how to do the asanas can be found on YouTube. So I am not repeating them here.

1. Vajrasana or the Thunderbolt pose

 Vajrasana or the Thunderbolt pose, improves digestion, gets rid of constipation, and fights stomach disorders, thus eliminating digestive disorders triggering hair fall. Its most beneficial to this asana after a meal. In fact the Japanese sit in this pose for their meals. Research has proven that the regular practice of this asana for at least 3 months results in lowering hair fall problems.

2. Sarvangasana or the Shoulder Stand Pose

Sarvangasana is one of the most beneficial pose of Yoga to enhance Hair Growth. Doing shoulder stand helps to divert blood flow to the head. This particular asana helps to nourish the thyroid gland. A unruly thyroid is one of the main reasons for hair issues such as thinning and premature baldness. Sarvangasana  is also one of the healing exercises for neck pain.

3. Aadho Mukho Savasana or the Downward Dog Pose

This asana again increases the blood circulation to the head. If for any reason you are not able to do Sarvangasana, then Adho Mukho savasana is a good option. It’s benefits also include cure for insomnia, depression and mental fatigue. Lower stress levels again lead to healthy hair and skin plus overall well- being.

4. Uttanasana Yoga or the Standing Forward Bend

Known as Standing Forward Bend in English, Uttanasana Yoga heals and rejuvenates your body. In this asana, your head receives blood circulation as your head is below the heart. This posture provides oxygen to your hair cells and Uttanasana is a slightly demanding pose as it stretches your entire muscles and connective tissues. Hence, it is very important to do a warm up before doing this pose.

5. Apanasana or the wind release pose

This is one of the most functional of all the yoga poses to prevent hair loss. It is usually performed towards the end of the yoga practice of the day. Apana refers to the prana or energy of your digestive tract, that aids in purifying and eliminating toxins, which purifies the body and flushes out toxins from the system. It purifies the blood and improves the growth of hair by stimulating the hair follicles. It also relieves constipation thus improving the health of your gut. A clear gut is definitely a sign of good health and puts the pink in your cheeks.

6. Sasangasana or the Rabbit pose


This is a very beneficial yoga asana for hair growth, because in order to perform this asana you need to touch your crown to the ground, which helps the blood to flow to the head and also in stimulation of the thyroid gland. Proper blood circulation to the scalp means healthy and strong hair. Regular practice of this asana through multiple repetitions is bound to give good results.

7. Balayam Yoga (Rubbing Nails)

The process of rubbing your finger nails against each other repeatedly is known as Balayam yoga. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce hair fall. Practicing it daily for 5-10 minutes daily can reduce your hair problems. When you rub your fingernails, the nerve ending below it stimulates the  brain to send a signal to revive dead and damaged hair follicles. The ancient science of Yoga kriya holds true in this era too. Balayam Yoga also helps stimulate the blood flow to your scalp reducing hair fall issues such as dandruff and premature greying.

To conclude let me emphasise on A Good Hair Care Regimen.

Yoga practice every day or Surya namaskara’s which incorporate 12 poses into one continuous action called salutation to the Sun God is a good addition to your daily routine. It’s perhaps the best exercise you can do in lockdown situation when the gym is closed. You only need a mat to practice. Dedicate half an hour to one hour to Yoga and see the difference in your overall wellness meter. It can only get better and better.

Another way to help grow healthy bouncy hair is to incorporate a hair care regimen after knowing your hair type. Knowing your hair type can help you find out your hair’s unique needs and pamper it regularly.

So here’s wishing all of you Happy International Yoga Day 2020 from all of us at Happie Hair, your friendly hair extensions studio in Mumbai  Stay safe, stay healthy,…




Hello all the brides-to-be,

The wedding season is nearly upon us. And this article is dedicated to all you gorgeous BRIDES TO BE!

I am sure that all girls have dream’t about having a dreamy wedding since their teens. A wedding is the most special day in the life of a girl. It needs to be a Day to be cherished and remembered for the rest of her life.

There are a million things to put together…..guest list, décor, photography sessions, the work-up, the dress rehearsals, make-up, gifts, trousseau….etc etc etc.

But when you are fully engrossed in all these pre-wedding chores please please look after yourself and your hair-health. Remember a glowing bride with a healthy head of hair does not need too much exterior make up and stuff. She glows from within and that will make her stand out.

Long hair will complete & compliment your beauty. It will enhance your face features & will make you feel confident which is must for a “BRIDE TO BE”


So here I am back with some tips for Brides-to-be. I am also very thankful to all of you for the positive response received for my last blog.

Okay so the 7 steps to follow before you say “I DO” are….


Applying warm oil into the scalp and massaging the scalp gently helps open the pores and encourages better oil assimilation. It boosts blood circulation, strengthens roots, and promotes hair growth.

Apply good amount of Coconut oil mixed with Castor oil. Castor oil helps to strengthen your roots and enhance your hair texture. Leave it on for about 2 hours and tie a hot towel for about 10 minutes before shampooing your hair.

Pro-tip: If you have dry hair and dandruff, apply the oil and leave it overnight.


For getting shine in your hair instantly you should try out a hair spa. It provides deep conditioning and nourishment to roots and strengthens hair follicles. Also, it gives results instantly. We recommend you to go for a protein Hair Spa  which gives your hair a natural shine and puts the bounce back into your locks.



Avoid heat styling your hair for at least 3 months before your wedding ie no Tongs, no ironing , no using heat tools. Blow dry if you need to style the hair.  In case, you cannot avoid using heating tools, then please apply a heat protectant spray so that your hair doesn’t get damaged.



Get your Hair trimmed 2 months before your wedding. Trimming your hair will do away with the split ends and keep your hair in perfect shape.


Avoid using any kind of hair colour, dyes or lightening treatments for your hair before the wedding. When you colour your hair the chemicals present in it, spoils the texture and robs the gloss off your hair. But, we all love having color in our hair. Using a few coloured hair extensions will give you colour and highlights besides it will not damage your hair.  Clipping on hair extensions in colour burgundy or blonde will add extra glamour and will charm you up when its styled on your D-day.



The combination of water and warmth leads to the rapid growth of bacteria. The warmth from your head will make the damp pillow a rearing ground for harmful bacteria. So it is always advisable not to sleep with wet hair. Always air dry your hair and then go to sleep.


Don’t skip your meals! Follow a good diet and try to include a lot of colour into it like broccoli, beetroot, avocado, spinach, red cabbage, tomatoes and legumes, to have good hair and skin. Drink loads of water and fresh juices to increase the moisture content in your hair.

And the most Important – BE BOLD, BE CONFIDENT, BE YOU!

Start following these tips and you will see a marked difference in your hair health…… Relax it’s easy peasy..but it needs to be done diligently .…don’t stress yourself though.


Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any hair related queries. You know the fact that we at Happie Hair are always for you, and always with you!

Lots of love,



Hello ladies,

Ever thought why  having gorgeous hair is considered as “being beautiful? The answer to this is that hair can really flatter your facial features and make you look very appealing and gorgeous. A beautiful mane is an asset of a woman. Poems are written on the beauty of a woman’s hair.

Women in India are blessed with hair that’s  naturally THICK, DARK  and LUSTROUS. Long hair is an absolute delight to have though it needs a lot of care and maintenance. But hair, can get damaged and distressed  due to pollution, too much styling using heat, chemicals in products etc. Stress and urban lifestyle in general is also taking a toll on our tresses.  

But don’t worry… help is at hand. We can follow a few simple tips and tricks and try to keep our hair gorgeous and healthy. I receive many queries at the studio asking  for recommendations of good products available for own hair and for hair extensions. Here, I have tried to compile a “MUST HAVE LIST” of simple every day products which are easily available and are recommended by my friends and  clients. Some of them I myself use. Check them out and let me know if it was helpful to you too.

1.  Vitamin E Capsules-

  • Vitamin E capsules are very beneficial to your hair.
  • They promote hair growth and at the same time, they add shine to your hair.
  • It can be applied on the scalp by making a mixture of coconut oil, castor oil, and vitamin E capsule.
  •  It is easily available in medical stores (over the counter).


2. Shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type-

Women face many types of hair problems. The most common problem is Frizzy hair, Hair fall, Fragile hair, Greasy hair. Some of the shampoos and conditioners that can be best for your hair type according to my experience are

  • Dove Anti-Frizz oil Therapy Shampoo and DOVE DRYNESS CARE conditioner – for frizzy and dry hair.

  • Dove Nutritive Solutions Intense Repair Shampoo and Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair – for frizzy and dry hair
  • Sunsilk Hairfall Solution Shampoo and Sunsilk Perfect Straight conditioner – for hair fall problems.

  • Himalaya Herbals Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner – for hair fall problems
  • Matrix Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong Strengthening Shampoo and conditioner for – fragile breaking hair.

  • BBLUNT Full On Volume Shampoo + Conditioner – for thin flyaway hair.
  • Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo and conditioner – for dull damaged hair.


3) Hair Oil-

  • a) Hair spas are gaining popularity nowadays because it makes the hair smooth and manageable. But oiling the hair regularly improves the quality of the hair from the roots and also promotes hair growth.
  • Oiling your hair is always an idea given by our grandmoms to promote hair growth and hair quality. HAIR VITALIZER BHRINGRAJ BY FOREST ESSENTIALS. It is easily available online on Amazon.in as well as Nykaa.com


4) Hairbrush-

  •  If you are using plastic combs, stop using them now! Plastic combs tend to damage your hair. The best option is to use wooden combs. Vega Wooden Bristle Paddle Brush is a good product. It gives a massage to  your scalp and it is best in de-tangling. One tool Two solutions. Great deal! Isn’t it?
  •  Use a wide teeth comb that helps to de-tangle hair when they are wet to avoid breakage of your hair. Vega’s Large Shampoo Comb is the one you should go for while combing wet hair.


5) Hairsprays and hair styling tools

  •  We know the fact that hair sprays and hair styling tools are bad for hair but there are times when we have to use one. For less damage and better hold for your hair, I would recommend BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing leave-in spray.
  •  Tressemme Compressed Micro Mist can also be a good option to opt for as it gives a natural, touchable finish and Keeps your style smooth, sleek and free to move.
  • For hair styling, I believe one of the best straightener is Vega Kertain Glow Flat Hair straightener and Ikonic Glam hair straightener. It’s easily available in the market and very reasonably priced too.

  • For tongs, Ikonic professional curling tong and VEGA VHCH-04 Long Curl Hair Curling Iron work pretty well. You can buy any Ikonic products at Beauty Center, Crawford market, Mumbai at special discounted prices.

If you are looking for hair transformation, totally and instantly, hair extensions are an option that is worth trying. It gives quick volume and length, blends beautifully into your hair if the texture and colour are matched well and are virtually undetectable. You can add colour, too.


At Happie Hair we provide real hair extensions that can be styled as you style your real hair. So your  hair makeover is just a call away. Colour customization and texture matching is something that we excel at. So what are you waiting for? Come for a free consultation to Happie Hair- Hair Extension Studio. We will get together and sort your hair woes.

For more hair-related information visit www.happiehair.com and check out our blogs!

To your hair success….



Hello Ladies,

Good brushes in make-up can make or ruin our face. The right brush can make us look like a million dollars. We always look for the best make up brushes in the market. When it comes to hair, pretty much the same rule applies.

But we randomly tend to pick up brushes for hair without giving it much thought. Sometimes we like the colour or the design or sometimes an attractive package or offer is the main buying criteria. It’s time we actually think about our hair type, the uses of the brush and give a thought before buying a hair brush.

While we are in love with our curling irons and tongs the good old hairbrush gets  pushed into the background. But their importance is felt everyday even if we are not styling our hair. Read on to find out why we need different types of brushes for a single head of hair.

Choosing the right hair brush and using it correctly can make all the difference in getting the right hair result whether its de-tangling or massaging the scalp. There are so many different kinds of brushes on the market…it’s kind of confusing. There is not much literature on the specific uses of each brush. Unless you are a hairstylist or hair dressers you tend to be clueless regarding the range of combs and brushes you are faced with in a beauty store or online.

Finding the right hair comb / brush may sound like an daunting task for some, but because this is one tool you’re expected to use every single day, making the switch just might be one of the biggest favours you’ll ever do for your hair. Going beyond just simply brushing your hair, using the best brush for your hair type is guaranteed to cause less breakage, prevent bad hair days, and deliver the ultimate look.

It may seem pretty simple, but finding the best brush for you can be a pretty demanding task—after all, there are so many to choose from! And of course, just like your arsenal of makeup brushes, you’re definitely going to need more than just one hairbrush.

Whether you’re looking to highlight your natural waves, detangle those stubborn knots or achieve the ultimate blow dry, scroll through our hairbrush list to help you find what brush you need to fit your need.

A must-have basic list of 6 brushes / combs for you.



Used mainly for  : DE-TANGLING WET / DRY HAIR

A MUST-HAVE comb FOR EVERYONE. This essential comb is perfect for detangling hair while it is still wet. Its gentle on the hair and does not break it.

Did you know that a Wide Tooth Comb is perfect for the application of a hair mask also. It coats the mask evenly onto the hair shaft and makes it more effective. It massages the scalp and improves blood circulation. Makes hair more manageable and smoother.

The wide-tooth comb is most important for detangling wet hair gently.




Paddle brushes usually have bristles coming out of a soft cushion and are great for massaging the scalp, de-tangling, and smoothing naturally straight hair. The air-filled rubber cushion is designed to bend with your scalp to minimize damage from pulling.

A wide paddle brush is perfect for taming unruly hair of any length. Use it to blow dry your hair out quicker by sectioning and running the dryer over the brush root to end. You can use it for de-tangling as well—wet or dry.



It is a comb for the hair having a narrow, pointed handle used mainly while dividing the hair into neat and clean sections while cutting or styling the hair.

Also funnily known as the rat-tail comb, this comb is known for its long thin handle. This type of comb is more of a styling comb mainly used for people with longer hair. The tail of the comb is used for separating, straightening, and sectioning the hair for different styling processes.

These are commonly found in salons and as part of a professional hairstylists kit. Such combs usually have handles in plastic or metal. Simply put, this petite tool is crucial in hair-styling and its structure makes a difference to your style and hair texture, within minutes.


Used mainly for : BLOW OUT / BLOW DRY / CURLING

Round brushes are ideal for creating that volume and body in your hair. This is the brush you want to use when you are blow-drying your hair. Small size brushes create tighter curls, while brushes with larger barrels are known to straighten hair and create subtle waves. With the right size of round brush and a little bit of practice and patience , you can achieve a a great curl at home. Typically, round brushes are made with a metal or iconic barrel which heat up when used with a blow dryer (it works pretty much like a curling wand). The round brush helps tame frizz and delivers the desired amount of bounce to your hair.

If you have fine to normal hair, we don’t recommend using a round brush with a metal or ionic barrel, as it may cause severe heat damage to already weak ends.

Instead, we suggest trying something more gentle like a mixed bristle or natural boar round brush. Round brushes are ideal for creating that volume and body in your hair. This is the brush you want to use when you are blow-drying your hair.




Using a teasing brush is the easiest way to lift your roots to create the illusion of fullness. This brush is perfect for teasing your hair and creating texture to support your lovely up-dos, adding texture to ponytails, or create a base at the roots when clipping in hair extensions. Bonus points for having a point-ended handle, which can be used for sectioning the hair perfectly!

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t be teasing your hair too often as this process can be a bit harsh on your hair. Try to avoid this brush if your hair is very fine or fragile.





If you wear hair extensions, the looper brush is a must-have. This brush features unique looped bristles that allow the brush to glide easily over wefts without getting caught, or pulling them out. Looper brushes are not only great for brushing hair while you have your clip on extensions , tape-ins or micro ring loops installed in with no damage or pulling.

Remember, finding products that are right for your hair type can make a world of difference. Try these different kinds of hair brushes out and see how you can transform your hair!


Some good brands that we would recommend and which are easily available on amazon.in Filpkart.com and Nykaa.com are

Mildly priced : Roots, Vega, Gubb USA, Toniq

Highly priced : Ikonic, Spornette, Woolsy, Tangle Teezer, Body Shop

Check them out and let us know your choice on 8369223872 or write to us at info@happiehair.com


Yours truly


Ciao…till we meet again.







Dear ladies,

The lockdown is taking its own time to end. I hope all of you are safe and well at home. We are in a situation which we never ever thought in our wildest dreams. Its been almost 2 months in lockdown mode and the world is still searching for an answer, a vaccine to save us from the dreaded Corona virus. The important thing we need to remember is that “we are in it together” and help and support each other in this difficult time.

We all have our own duties to carry on though we are at home. Some of us are working from home and some cannot. Some of us are covid-19 warriors and working to save the human race.

In the midst of all the choas to get some amount of structure and sanity to our lives I am sure we all have made our own to-do list or time organiser. And hopefully washing your hair extensions may just be one of them. That brings me to our favourite topic – Hair extensions – our pride, our most valuable possession.

Let me help you with a few do’s and don’ts about taking care of hair extensions so that they will last for a long long time.

Before moving ahead to tricks and tips of hair extensions I would like to give you some glimpse about extensions…..

Extensions are at your rescue if you want instant length or volume to your hair. Have you ever wondered how can an actor in a movie get different hairstyles some of the time long hair sometimes short hair? For instance, Deepika Padukone sported lovely long hair in her role of Mastani in the movie Bajirao Mastani. It wasn’t possible to grow her hair so long. Real hair extensions to the rescue. Remy hair extensions are the best quality extensions you can find. Because they blend into the hair so well.

Extensions and Wigs are secret behind all celebrity looks. Be it female actors or male, the hair they portray on screen has to be customized to suit the role. Everyone knows how Rajnikanth looks in real life. And on screen he portrays a super hero persona with a beautiful full hair wig which he likes to swish in his acts. The magic is wigs and men’s hair patch or men’s hair system which is worn to add volume. The hair is styled and cut to blend into the natural hair of the actor. Don’t worry these extensions and wigs are not limited to actors and actresses. It is very much within the reach of the common man. Happie Hair introduces reasonably priced human hair extensions which are available over the counter. Our special team of Hair extensions experts will guide you and help you to buy the perfect extensions suited for your personality and style.


Some people say that extensions are expensive. But trust me they are worth it… Make sure to take care of your extensions just like you do to your real hair and they will last you for years!!!!

I am listing a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about hair extensions

  1. How to wash your extensions?

NEVER wash your hair when you are wearing clip -in extensions. Unclip the extensions from your hair and then wash them.

Gently brush them before washing so that they are tangle free. Hold the hair extensions under running tap. Grab some shampoo on your palms and apply it gently on your extension. Don’t rub or scrub it. While washing, run your fingers through each strand, making sure there’s no excess shampoo remaining.

Always use sulfate-free and alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner! Avoid washing it with hot water. Either wash it with cold or lukewarm water. This is because hot water results in taking away essential oils and moisture from the extensions. Apply conditioner and keep it for about half an hour (if you have the time) and then rinse the extensions in cold water to seal the moisture.


  1. Do’s and Don’t’s after washing the extension!

If you want to increase the life span of your hair extensions avoid blow

drying it. Let it Air Dry!

While styling your extensions set the temperature to 180° to avoid smoking them out.

Never wear your clip in’s while sleeping & swimming. The chlorine in the swimming pool may damage the hair. It is advisable to remove the clip ons while you sleep because it will tug on your natural hair and damage the roots. So even though you are very tired after a party or function please take a few minutes to remove the extensions, brush them and store them in the Happie Hair Box. If there is sweat or grime on the extensions, keep the box open to air dry them.


In case you are using planning to blow dry them, use low heat setting while blowdrying. Apply some leave-in serum like Livon or Loreal serum to keep the hair fragrant and soft.



2. About colouring the hair extensions!

If you are bored with the same look of your hair extensions you can get them colored. As Happy hair Extensions are made of real hair you can always style, wash, color it. You can add highlights or balayage them. You can also add some funky colour like burgundy or purple….maybe electric blue hair colour. There are many hair colours available like Pulp Riot , Manic Panic to name a few. Of course you need to prelighten the hair to be able to get the right colour you want. Mostly Happie Hair colour is natural black or natural dark brown. So prelightening is required to get the correct shade of red, pink or blue hair. If you are not sure about the colouring process make sure to get them colored from a professional hair colourist. We at Happie Hair Studio provide colouring services for our own hair extensions. We would gladly do the needful and give you.

  1. How to wear & brush

Open all the clips & make a partition in your hair. Install the clips one by one & overlap your hair on it.

If you are wearing a clip-in set of 4 pieces then you need to add the extensions in layers at the back of the head and then on the sides of the head. Then brush your hair gently while holding the clips with the other hand to avoid pulling. Please watch our videos on Facebook and Instagram for the same. Avoid styling the extensions when they are clipped into your hair. Always style the extensions on a table or a holder. Style your hair and then you can clip on the extensions.




While brushing your hair hold the extensions & brush in the downward direction. Ideally start brushing at the bottom of the hair and gently go upwards while you detangle the hair make it ready to wear. A paddle brush with soft bristles is recommended to brush the hair. Never use a comb.

  1. Storage of the hair extensions

Your Happie Hair extensions come in a beautiful red box with a magnetic closing flap.

Always make sure to close the clips after use & store the extensions in the box.

They will remain clean & tangle free!

While travelling we suggest that you use a zip lock pouch or a travel pouch to carry the extensions if carrying the box is not possible. It will save precious luggage space and keep it handy to use.

  1. Do not use DIY Hair mask on the extensions.

Keep them soft and shiny by using a serum or a leave in hair conditioner.

Some lifesaver tips just for you all-

  1. While styling your extensions use a heat protectant!
  2. If you are using hairsprays on extensions make sure to wash it immediately after use!

So now I know you are equipped with all there is to know about Do’s and Don’t’s about Hair extensions.

For any Hair, related queries feel free to contact us on 9324649621. Because you know that we at Happie Hair are always for you and always with you! Be safe, stay positive and stay connected.

See you soon….





All You Need To Know About Drawstring Ponytail Extensions

Up your ponytail game, girl!


Hello ladies!

Picture this – You have a hectic day ahead of you, be it at work or with regard to getting household chores done. On top of all this, you have an event jammed in somewhere in the middle of the day, and you absolutely cannot get out of attending it. Plus, you are having a bad hair day. Sounds relatable, right? Bad hair days are annoying, to say the least, and are oh-so-common. When you are pressed for time and are struggling with messy hair, or even when you are just feeling lazy, you need a hairstyle which is easy to pull off and looks great with almost every outfit. No other hairstyle fits this brief as well as the classic ponytail. Ponytails are a classic, and they can be styled to complement nearly every type of outfit.



There is only one rule you need to keep in mind while twisting your locks into a ponytail, which is that the fuller the ponytail, the better it looks. A full ponytail feels like an unachievable dream when you are having a bad hair day or if your hair is on the shorter side. The solution is simple – Invest in a drawstring ponytail extension. In fact, we offer customized ponytail extensions that will blend perfectly into your hair. When you have a ponytail extension at your disposal, getting that perfect ponytail is a certainty that can then be achieved in a matter of minutes.

What exactly is a drawstring ponytail extension, then? It is a readymade ponytail extension with attached drawstrings with which the extension is attached to your natural hair. The ones offered by Happie Hair are made from 100% natural human (Remy) hair. Added perks are that our ponytail extensions are customizable and are easy to style.

Wondering about how to fasten your ponytail extension on? Follow this simple guide and you should be good to go:

  1. Secure your natural hair into a tightly bound ponytail using an elastic.
  2. If you have short hair, further twist your hair into a bun to prevent the shorter hair from peeking out from behind the elastic. Longer hair should be scrunched into a loose twist with securely fastened ends.
  3. Fasten the extension with the drawstrings onto the bun/twist as the case may be.
  4. Wrap a section of the extension onto the ponytail and elastic bands and secure it with a discreetly wedged in bobby pin. You could also braid the section you are wrapping to make the look more fun.
  5. Tie your hairdo up by spritzing some hairspray on or applying a blob of hair gel. This will make the style look neat and add hold to it.

Quite similar to your natural hair, your ponytail (or any other type of) extensions need care too. All you have to do is incorporate these super easy steps into your hairstyling/hair care routine for your hair extensions to last longer:

  1. Continued usage of ponytail extensions may lead to breakage of the strands in the extensions or build up. Wash your ponytail extensions regularly with a gentle shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner best suited for the texture of the hair constituting the extensions.
  2. Do away with the dullness that creeps in with frequently used ponytail extensions by working a smoothening and softening serum into the extension after every wash, and while styling if needed.
  3. If your ponytail extension is made up of synthetic hair and you plan on heat styling it, reading the instructions before styling it is a must.

The bottom line is that if you haven’t already invested in a ponytail hair extension, you are missing out, girl! If you already own one/more such extensions, follow the above guide to make the process of fastening your ponytail extension on a lot quicker.

 It’s time your ponytail tells a gorgeous tale! A la Ariana Grande


Vrinda Prabhu

Founder, Happie Hair – Hair Extensions Studio Mumbai

The largest hair extensions shop in Mumbai!!!

For more, visit www.happiehair.com.

It’s time you showed your hair some love.

Hello, ladies!

Healthy hair is the secret to tying your final look up. No matter how well your outfit or makeup turns out, without great hair, something will definitely seem amiss. Hair care is a huge part of self-care, ladies! Having a basic shampoo-conditioner routine just won’t cut it anymore. You need to embrace the power of hair masks, and you need to do it now.

If you absolutely cannot spare some time, you could purchase a ready-to-use hair mask according to your hair type and texture. However, whipping up your own DIY hair masks will not only be cheap but also more effective. The recipes don’t have to be tedious and the ingredients don’t have to be exotic or difficult to find.

Check out these super easy DIY hair masks that have been formulated to target specific hair concerns:


The recipe –

  1. 2 spoons of aloe vera gel
  2. ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon powder

Method : Mix the two ingredients and whisk well till there are no lumps. Freshly scooped aloe vera is ideal, but if you can’t find that, store-bought gel works too. Increase quantities of the ingredients proportionately for longer hair. Once smooth, apply the mixture to your hair as well as your scalp.

In fact, don’t forget to massage it into your scalp. Tie you hair into a bun and put on a shower cap. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then shampoo it off. Don’t be worried if your scalp tingles when the mask is on – that just means that the mask is doing its job.


Benefits :

  1. Soothes itching of the scalp.
  2. Reduces dandruff.
  3. Hydrates hair to transform it from frizzy to tame.
  4. Boosts hair growth.
  5. Promotes blood circulation to the scalp.




The recipe :

  1. 5 tablespoons of mayonnaise.
  2. 2 raw eggs


Method  : Blend the two ingredients well with your hands to avoid getting a liquid mixture that will not adhere to your hair. If your hair is extra coarse or dull, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil or apple cider vinegar for lustre. Coat your hair from root to tip with the mask and wear a shower cap. Then, top it up with a warm towel to help the moisture to penetrate.

Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, and then rinse with (preferably) a sulphate-free shampoo and warm water. Do this twice a week for best results.


The benefits :

  1. Tames dry and frizzy hair.
  2. Strengthens chemically treated hair or hair that is damaged due to heat styling, reduces breakage.
  3. Makes hair healthy and shiny.




The recipe :

  1. 10-12 curry leaves.
  2. 2 tables spoons of coconut oil.


Method  : Heat the curry leaves in the oil till the leaves crackle. Take the pan off the stove when they do and wait for the oil to become warm (but not cold). Massage this oil into your scalp and hair. Keep it on for 20 minutes and then rinse well.

The benefits –

  1. The proteins and beta-carotene in the curry leaves help battle hair loss.
  2. The fatty acids in coconut oil are a remedy for thinning air.
  3. The mixture also moisturises and nourishes the hair and scalp.




The recipe :

  1. One ripe banana.
  2. 1 tablespoon of (ideally extra virgin) olive oil.

Method : In an electric mixer or blender, blend the two ingredients. Your goal should be to have a smooth, lump-free, and frothy puree. That’s about it. The mask will then be ready for application. Wet your hair evenly and then slather the mask onto your hair and skin. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave the mask on for 30 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly.


The benefits :

  1. Repairs dull hair strands, nourishes hair, and makes it healthy and shiny.
  2. Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals like Potassium that balance the scalp pH for a hydrated crown.





The recipe –

  1. 1 tablespoon of honey.
  2. 2 tablespoons of full fat yogurt.

Method : Combine the ingredients well. Use double the amount of the ingredients for longer hair. Work the mask into your scalp and hair by massaging it well. Coat your hair and scalp well and keep it on for 15-20 minutes. Wash your hair normally, but go easy on the conditioner. Use the conditioner only on the ends of the hair. Do this once a week.


The benefits –

  1. Fixes split ends, eliminates brittleness.
  2. Moisturises the hair, and the yogurt has cleansing properties that clear the scalp.

Fix your hair troubles, one hair mask at a time.

For more hair-related hacks, visit www.happiehair.com and check out our blog!

To your hair success,