Hello all the brides-to-be,

The wedding season is nearly upon us. And this article is dedicated to all you gorgeous BRIDES TO BE!

I am sure that all girls have dream’t about having a dreamy wedding since their teens. A wedding is the most special day in the life of a girl. It needs to be a Day to be cherished and remembered for the rest of her life.

There are a million things to put together…..guest list, décor, photography sessions, the work-up, the dress rehearsals, make-up, gifts, trousseau….etc etc etc.

But when you are fully engrossed in all these pre-wedding chores please please look after yourself and your hair-health. Remember a glowing bride with a healthy head of hair does not need too much exterior make up and stuff. She glows from within and that will make her stand out.

Long hair will complete & compliment your beauty. It will enhance your face features & will make you feel confident which is must for a “BRIDE TO BE”


So here I am back with some tips for Brides-to-be. I am also very thankful to all of you for the positive response received for my last blog.

Okay so the 7 steps to follow before you say “I DO” are….


Applying warm oil into the scalp and massaging the scalp gently helps open the pores and encourages better oil assimilation. It boosts blood circulation, strengthens roots, and promotes hair growth.

Apply good amount of Coconut oil mixed with Castor oil. Castor oil helps to strengthen your roots and enhance your hair texture. Leave it on for about 2 hours and tie a hot towel for about 10 minutes before shampooing your hair.

Pro-tip: If you have dry hair and dandruff, apply the oil and leave it overnight.


For getting shine in your hair instantly you should try out a hair spa. It provides deep conditioning and nourishment to roots and strengthens hair follicles. Also, it gives results instantly. We recommend you to go for a protein Hair Spa  which gives your hair a natural shine and puts the bounce back into your locks.



Avoid heat styling your hair for at least 3 months before your wedding ie no Tongs, no ironing , no using heat tools. Blow dry if you need to style the hair.  In case, you cannot avoid using heating tools, then please apply a heat protectant spray so that your hair doesn’t get damaged.



Get your Hair trimmed 2 months before your wedding. Trimming your hair will do away with the split ends and keep your hair in perfect shape.


Avoid using any kind of hair colour, dyes or lightening treatments for your hair before the wedding. When you colour your hair the chemicals present in it, spoils the texture and robs the gloss off your hair. But, we all love having color in our hair. Using a few coloured hair extensions will give you colour and highlights besides it will not damage your hair.  Clipping on hair extensions in colour burgundy or blonde will add extra glamour and will charm you up when its styled on your D-day.



The combination of water and warmth leads to the rapid growth of bacteria. The warmth from your head will make the damp pillow a rearing ground for harmful bacteria. So it is always advisable not to sleep with wet hair. Always air dry your hair and then go to sleep.


Don’t skip your meals! Follow a good diet and try to include a lot of colour into it like broccoli, beetroot, avocado, spinach, red cabbage, tomatoes and legumes, to have good hair and skin. Drink loads of water and fresh juices to increase the moisture content in your hair.

And the most Important – BE BOLD, BE CONFIDENT, BE YOU!

Start following these tips and you will see a marked difference in your hair health…… Relax it’s easy peasy..but it needs to be done diligently .…don’t stress yourself though.


Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any hair related queries. You know the fact that we at Happie Hair are always for you, and always with you!

Lots of love,