Hello Ladies

How have you all been ? As we all get used to a more socially distant “new normal” and practice the art of smizing under our face masks, now is the time to get playful with our mane.

After all, if your hair was like 80% of your selfie before, now it’s really working overtime. So, lets get creative with hair and accessories so you can be cute and sassy while wearing your face mask and looking stylishly put together. Here are some of the most easy-to-do hair looks when rocking a face mask.

1.Try a Romantic Messy Bun


The messy bun is here to stay. If anything, lockdown has made us fall in love with the messy bun over and over again. You might actually find that you are more inclined to want your hair off your face, especially if you have long hair.

This mid-length messy bun is easily imitable and pairs beautifully with a mask, creating a sense of mystery and romance. Pro beauty tip – while viewing your lips may be reserved for a select few, transfer your makeup skills into perfecting a smoky cat eye, so you still feel glam under all that fabric.

2. Match your mask and scrunchie

Matching your mask to your hair accessories a definite way to win the quarantine chic competition. Many brands are opting to design matching headbands or scrunchies to your mask. We think this is a genius idea, and we cannot get enough of the cute printed masks and scrunchies they are selling online. Grab some available or check out some cool ones on Amazon or Myntra. You are sure to feel a pep in your step when you wear them.

3. Accessorise with pearl bob pins and barrettes


How often do we feel the strain on our ears due to the bands of the mask ? Wish there was a trick?

Try this amazing style tip. Just pull out a few soft layers around the face. Take two sections of hair, twist the sides of your hair back, hook a cute barrette through the ears of your mask, then slide and snap the barrette over the twist to keep it in place. Repeat on the other side, and boom—cute hair, happy ears.

For ultimate style points, look for over sized hair clips covered in pearls, pile on the gemstone pins, and invest in jumbo-sized headbands in floral satin prints. The addition of hair accessories means you can still retain your individual sense of style while wearing a face covering.

4. The high ponytail

The classic Ariana Grande ponytail isn’t going anywhere; if anything, it is proving a resourceful hairstyle to stop masks from slipping.

First, figure out where your ponytail is going to sit and pull it back to that point before using hairspray and a bristle brush to smooth all around it. A very neat and clean no-nonsense look for those who like to keep it simple and serious.

For a laid back look, keep the ponytail loose or, if you really want to stand out, opt for a bubble braid by adding another elastic every two inches down the length of your hair.

5. Face Framers

Face framing bangs are sleek modern and classy while the face framing layers are more carefree and youthful. The hair in layers cascades down you’re the sides of your face in small sections separated by their length.

They have a nice way of framing your face giving your hair a nice and polished look, while sculpting your face and making it look chiseled.

Check out our video on face framing hair styles on www.instagram.com/happiehair_official


One last word, wearing a mask whenever we venture out is the least we can do to protect ourselves and to contain the pandemic situation. Covid-19 is here to stay for more time than we imagined so lets face it sensibly and stylishly.

Ciao… will be back with more style tips and hacks soon.

Lots of love, take good care of yourselves.