9 Super Healthy foods for Supple Skin and Silky Hair

Dear Ladies

We are in the lock down mode for more than a month now. The thoughts are mostly on getting the essentials stocked up. We all are attempting to make the most out of the lockdown  – a good number days to get our act together, complete our to-do list, de-clutter, skin-goals, hair goals, fitness goals.

In the course of our everyday hustle, we often neglect ourselves. Priority is given to our family, career, education and other things. If any time is left over after all these time consuming activities, its time to treat our hair to a spa or our skin to a facial or a massage. Women living in metro cities will surely identify with this.

What if there is an easier, simpler way of attaining supple, ravishing skin and silky lustrous hair? A back to basics approach including simple additions to our daily diet. Skin and hair problems are our everyday worries. How about protecting them by increasing the intake of healthy foods. Its doable, achievable. At least its worth a try. It’s the least we owe ourselves, it’s the most we can make in a quarantine like situation. While it may not be possible to get all these foods right now, do try to pick up some of these.

Here’s a list of 9 healthy foods you can really try to include in your diet.

  1. DARK CHOCOLATE : Yes! Dark chocolate is rich in vitamins like A, B1, C, D and E which nourish your skin while retaining moisture. It releases your happy hormones and is a natural stress buster. Reduces wrinkles, and protects from sun damage. So if there is Bournville, Hersheys, Lindt in the refrigerator, you can start having them judiciously.
  2. WALNUTS : Indians always stock up on dry fruits to add to sweet dishes made at home. The humble walnut keeps your skin plump and glowing by removing toxins that damage your skin cells. It protects against harmful UV rays and has anti-inflammatory compounds which can soothe your skin while reducing scalp irritation. You can eat one walnut in the morning before breakfast.
  3. BROCCOLI  : This green veggie is available in good amount in the market these days as it is locally grown and distributed. It is full of vitamin A and C, zinc and other minerals which are important for skin health. It detoxes the body and purifies the blood. The result – clear skin and growing hair.
  4. OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS – Fresh fish like salmon of course is the first option, but in the current situation, its difficult to procure. Fish oils capsules containing Omega 3 acids are a very good option. Consuming this will lead to healthy cell membrane resulting in soft, moist, supple and wrinkle-free skin. Omega 3 capsules are available at the chemists shop and you can buy them OTC.
  5. EGGS : Eggs are one of the best super foods for healthy hair and skin. Eggs provide hydration to your skin and also repair any damage. The proteins in eggs help in softening your hair along with strengthening it and giving a really amazing shine. Sulphur from the eggs leads to shiny locks, strong nails and glowing skin.
  6. TOMATOES : Raw tomatoes added to salads or just sliced and eaten with Chat masala are everyone’s favourites. Its good for skin and can be used against the harsh UV rays of the sun. It can cure sunburn, oily skin and also prevents acne, thanks to its antioxidant content. Rich in vitamins and minerals, tomatoes are good for increasing red blood cells and even fight cancer forming cells. They have cooling and astringent properties.
  7. SPINACH : Its loaded with Iron and Vitamin A. Iron deficiency is associated with four different types of hair loss : male pattern baldness, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium and diffuse hair loss. Spinach being high in Vitamin A, folate and zinc helps transport oxygen and nutrients through blood cells delivering them to your scalp where it can help feed the follicles. Enjoy it raw in a salad or slightly cooked as a side dish.
  8. BEANS, LENTILS : Not many people think of beans as a food that promotes hair growth but thanks to their high concentration of iron and being a decent source of protein if you’re a vegetarian, (beans like Rajma, lentils like chickpeas ) can certainly assist in minimizing breakage and fighting off dryness. Iron deficiency can also cause thinning so make sure you’re getting enough.
  9. YOGURT : We love yogurt for hair because not only is it a delicious treat but its also high in Vitamin B5, a common ingredient found in hair products which help thicken hair follicles making them more resilient to breakage. Yogurt and other dairy products are often fortified with Vitamin D. Since most people are deficient thanks to our indoor lifestyles, you might want to add yogurt as a healthy snack. You can make it even healthier by adding berries in it.

Now that you are armed with these simple and easy to procure essentials we strongly recommend you stock up on them and watch your skin get clearer and healthier and your hair get stronger and thicker.