Dear ladies

Aren’t we all envious of the ladies who effortlessly seem to have long lustrous hair, while we struggle to look good with our short, lifeless rat-tails?

How do these screen divas have such great looking hair?

How do these ladies manage it? Is it just luck, or do they take some extra care of their hair?

While good genes do play a role, care of God given gifts also forms part of the reason they have such lovely braids.

Besides, they have professionals behind the scenes to help them out.

But what can YOU do to get the same look?

Today lets peek into the secrets of such stupendous hair, ways to manage hair loss and have good hair growth with some help from nature and where required alternative options.


Any stressful situation can trigger hair loss, which include  pregnancy, long standing illnesses, failed relationships, financial worries, nutritional deficiencies, certain  medications used for depression, and even chronic lack of sleep. While stress is a constant in everyone’s life, one has to find ways to counteract the side effects and remain healthy. For helping your hair counteract stress, try the following remedies :

  • Relaxation techniques (such as deep breathing, transcendental meditation, or yoga) as a way of life.
  • Exercise, which helps you burn those extra calories and throw out the toxins
  • Surround yourself with positive people — sharing and discussing does give stress relief!
  • Get professional help if required- therapy can help.
  • A personalized diet adjusted to your need and requirements will go a long way in improving your mental health , reducing stress.
  • Treat your hair well , avoiding too many chemicals
  • Hair loss from stress need not be permanent. If it persists, consult your doctor.



  • Wash your hair at regular intervals – your scalp and hair will remain free of excess oil and dirt .
  • If you use Shampoos, ensure they are chemical free.
  • Use good conditioners.
  • Let your hair dry naturally.
  • Oil Your hair, whenever possible.
  • Use of a wide toothed comb will help reduce hair fall.
  • Preferably, style your hair naturally. Keep tight ponytails and buns to the minimum.
  • Regular trimming keeps hair manageable and helps faster re-growth



Nature has given plenty of healthy options to reduce and minimise hair loss.

Egg mask

Yoghurt + honey hair mask

Methi paste

Aloe vera rinse

Amla juice wash

are some of the options available with proven efficacy to help prevent hair loss and rejuvenate growth. These have to be used judiciously and regularly to show positive effects.

DIET should include spinach ,carrots ,sweet potatoes etc. Lentils, lean meats and eggs are good source of protein while generous portion of fruits like guavas, strawberries ,walnuts…ensure that all necessary vitamins and minerals are available for healthy hair growth. Oats also provide a healthy breakfast option and a good hair rejuvenator.

While all these will help , it is really important to get checked for any medical issues which can cause hair loss.

Thyroid problems, nutritional deficiencies, poly cystic ovaries can cause hormonal imbalances leading to hair loss and need to be simultaneously addressed. Birth control pills and certain other medications are known causes for hair fall and need to be discussed with medical professionals.

They may recommend supplementary medications like vitamins and minerals along with your day-to-day care to help reduce the hair fall.

All said and done, it is a long and arduous journey to reverse the hair fall.

But what about the phase when you are doing all this but are yet to see the benefits of it all? Do you need to move around with the thinning crop of hair for months? What about the wedding you have in the family? What about the coloured strands to match your outfit? Do you need to stay non-trendy in the intervening period?

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