Quick & Easy Hairstyles!

5 In-Trend Easy hairstyles with extensions!

Hello Ladies,
Do you wish to parade your hair this wedding season yet you are vexed in light of the fact that you need more volume and length to have various hairdos and hairstyles?
Now it is possible to flaunt your hair look with extensions. There numerous hairdos and styles like Messy buns, High pigtail, Braided hair which would not look great or won’t bring that appeal on the off chance that you need more volume. In this case, you can wear extensions & achieve the lovely resemble particular to the famous b’town Queen”

1. Slick-Back Ponytail.
2. Messy Bun.
3. Braided open Hair.
4. Slick open Hair.
5. Bangs.

1. Slick- Back Low Ponytail –
Start by brushing your hair and wrap a hair tie around your wrist. Gather your hair upwards and wrap hair tie around your ponytail. Make sure at the same time you work your way around top and sides as per the look you need in the front.
Now, put the ponytail extension over your ponytail and secure it with the attached clip. Pull some hair & overlap it on your ponytail. This way you will get a bouncier & fuller look.

2. Messy bun-
Always had a desire to have a look like Deepika Padukone’s from the movie Ramleela?
Well, I don’t know about you but I always had an urge to have a look like her’s in a casual boho outfit. I attempted Synthetic extensions, I tried different hair sprays, mousse but failed to have a perfect look like hers.
Then my hairstylist recommended me to try real hair extensions.
Real hair extensions helped me to get look as Deepika’s
How to achieve the look?
– Make partition in your hair & add two clip extensions below the partition.
– Then overlap your real hair on the partition & now again make another partition and add 3-4 1 clip extension.
– Now you have to just tie all your hair into a ponytail with a hair tie twisting it twice & the third time you have to pull your hair halfway to create a kink. With the remaining hair, you gonna go ahead & tuck it to your hair tie. Now that you have achieved the bun you loosen your hair from the top to create a messy look & you good to go!!!

3. Braided Open hair-
Now to achieve this look you gotta check your hair volume. If you have enough volume you can add 2 clips extension & braid your hair from the top.
And if you are someone who has less volume you can wear Ear to Ear extension. Now, you just have to braid your hair from front & you have a look similar to Alia Bhatt.

4. Slick open hair-
Want a look similar to The Fashionista Sonam Kapoor?
You can wear ear to ear extension and rock this look.
What you have to do?
Make a partition in your hair from ear to ear section & install the extension via the help of clips. Now overlap your real hair on your extension and straighten it. Apply Hair spray so that it gives a slick look. Annnddd you’re ready for the party!

5. Bangs-
Are you a bangs lover? This iconic hair never went out of style from Helen Khan to Priyanka Chopra, Shannen Doherty to Dakota Johnson.

If you are a person who likes having new hairstyles every now and then Try these quick hairstyles and rock your new look.
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