The Hair Extensions On Wheels Style Project

This Holiday Season, Let #GreatHairNoCare Be Your Mantra!

Hello ladies,

Are you all worried your hair will be a bother as you gear up to take a holiday? Don’t be. Follow this simple guide to have picture-perfect hair throughout your vacation.

Summers are rather tricky. On the one hand, all you want to do is use your free time to escape your routine and on the other hand, you find yourself trying to fix your hair woes for that perfect vacation look. Situations in which your hair don’t cooperate with you and refuse to sit right for pictures are far too frequent (and annoying). Fighting with your partner for the tiny solo mirror in your hotel room’s bathroom in the morning before heading out for a day of sightseeing sounds relatable, doesn’t it?

To avoid unnecessary fuss over keeping your hair on point, you need an easy hair routine that you can follow. This is where hair extensions come into the picture. Lugging around tons of hair products and styling your natural hair every day sounds cumbersome. You need to let go of your fixed hair care and styling ideas and make room for some chic hair extensions.

This is why you need to travel with hair extensions!

  • Using hair extensions on your trip enables you to play with a variety of looks without damaging your hair with heat or glue or chemicals.
  • Your dreams of travelling light will finally come true because you will not have to carry a huge load of hair products and styling tools.
  • You won’t have to spend hours labouring before the mirror to set your hair. This means, you can utilise your time for more fun causes like exploring your holiday destination, shopping, vacation mimosas- the works!

Micro ring loops to the rescue!

If you are confused about what type of hair extensions to get, micro ring loops are a good place to start with. They are suited for travel because they do not have as much metal content as clip-on hair extensions, which means that you won’t beep loudly at the airport security check counter. Micro ring loops also have a great grip and can be easily styled and maintained.

Here are a few tips and tricks to have up your sleeve while travelling with hair extensions.

If you already have a few trusty hair extensions you flaunt when you travel, following these simple steps while styling them when you are travelling is a good idea:

  • While putting your hair extensions on, use a teasing brush. These brushes are tiny and can be fit into suitcases without any trouble.
  • If you are on a beach vacation, scrunch your natural hair and the hair extensions as well with a sea salt spray to get a perfectly blended, cute beachy look.
  • Clip the wefts closer together if your natural hair is considerably shorter than your hair extensions.
  • Style your hair extensions first and then fasten them to your head instead of vice versa to save time.
  • If you are holidaying at a cold wintery destination, use a hydrating serum or argan oil on your hair and the extensions for a tamed look.

Beat the heat in style and say goodbye to hair damage forever! Follow this guide to up your style quotient while you are on holiday. All you have to do is invest in the right hair extensions and then, you will be all set to experiment with colour, textures, and lengths so long as you opt for customisable hair extensions.

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